13. A snapshot of technology entrepreneurship in Europe

Attending the @SMEInstrument event, I have been fascinated by the variety of really cool ideas and innovations which are being turned into businesses by people in every corner of Europe. I hear that this program has funded projects from 2,500 technology start ups. This is quite something, when you think about it. It will create many jobs, but also, it will give Europe a lot of commercially exploitable IP. Some of these start ups will grow big and really thrive, potentially creating and buying other businesses. I also have to hope that the entrepreneurs that found them, if they succeed, will go on to fund other start ups, since it is natural for people who have made their money in technology to invest in technology (this is one of the fundamental basis of the success of areas like Silicon Valley, or Cambridge, MA). This is an investment not only in technology and entrepreneurship, but also in young people. And the energy is amazing. It is great to be part of it 


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