17. The smile of Mona Lisa

The most famous and valuable art work in the World is probably Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. This is difficult to understand, when considering it coldly. It is technically excellent, but so are many others. However, there is no point in considering art coldly, that its not its purpose or meaning. It appeals to the heart, more than to reason. Mona Lisa, in fact, appeals to both. It is, without doubt, one of my favourites. Because it represents Leonardo, intellectual giant of his time, truly unique man in his curiosity, his endeavour, his uncompromising pursuit of excellence. A man I admire. It is also beautiful and, very importantly, the only painted smile of its age. Nobody had painted a smile before it. It is the first smile in art. The power of the smile, domesticated by the first time by an artist. The symbolism of this fact is so significant that it justifies any value one could ever put on Mona Lisa. It is unique, ground breaking, completely original and rebelliously happy 


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