9. Internet access... everywhere

My previous article on UK internet access raises a serious point on essential services for quality of life in the future. Internet access will be one. We should not dismiss it as an inconvenience for consumers of not so critical information. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT will mean that many basic activities in coming years will need continuous, reliable connectivity. The navigation of driverless cars, real time monitoring of community patients and the collection of all sorts of metrics of application in traffic management, emergency service resource optimisation, worker remote access to workplace and anytime access to expertise are only a few of them that come to mind. Fast, robust internet infrastructure is the foundation of this new economy, and this new way of life. Short term decisions taken today could hinder our capabilities forever. Do our politicians have the foresight to understand the implications? Answers on a postcard (WhatsApp message may not make it in UK) 


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