5. On equality, or the lack of it

Written in response to this article

One has to wonder how much more unequal the World has to get before this issue becomes really important and global populations demand action from their political leaders. At present, the opposite is happening, Trump’s presidency will only worsen the problem, just look at his bank account to understand where his alignment might be. Most of this wealth is dead money, no human can enjoy or even utilise $40Bn. Globalised wealth requires a global taxation system and a global policy of redistribution and of underpinning the income of those earning the least, with policies of minimum global wages propped to minimum guaranteed incomes. Would make no practical difference to the richest. Reading Jason Hickel ‘The Great Divide’ and Rutger Bregman’s ‘Utopia for realists’ can give significant understanding of the issues, and anyone who thinks wealth distribution is important in society should do so (others should not belong in society and, in fact, don’t, even if they think otherwise). 


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