2. What?

The chapters in this blog are like Padron peppers. Some are written in response to specific tweets, that got under my wig (probably a more common occurrence than you might imagine). Others are spontaneous thoughts (again, a much more common occurrence than you might imagine if you spend most of your time plugged onto devices that tell you what your thoughts ought to be, instead of generating them yourself). Anyway, if you did not grow up in Galicia (and I am referring to the Spanish one, rather than the Polish one), then you probably will not get the Padron pepper simile. For that, I can offer 2 solutions: Travel back in time and convince your parents to bring you up in Galicia (the Spanish one, definitely do not attempt the Polish one if you were born before 1989) or, more realistically, search (oh, pray forgive my blasphemy, I mean google) are Padron peppers spicy? As a commercial disclaimer, other pepper DOCs are available, although they tend to be less entertaining than Padron’s 


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