12. Should you focus on your talents?

I attended a very good talk by @jurgen_ingels at a #H2020SME #SMEInstrument event today. Many points I agree with. One was that today, average is no longer good enough. We are competing globally and only the best will survive. We really need to focus on our talents, on what we are really good at. Do not put energy on improving where you are weak, but on working on your strengths, to become exceptional at something. Our schools today do not do this. They work towards the average and spend most time talking to students about their failures and patching their weaknesses, lifting to average, and not on what they are good at and building on it. This change of focus would have the added benefit that the experience would be more motivating and inspiring for students. It may, however, result in individuals with not rounded enough knowledge about other things, and this is a risk. Although, of course, technology can take care of the knowledge and information side of things (more on that later) 


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