19. The importance of knowledge

I have been reading Javier Marias in @elpais today. On occasion of the death of the historian John Julius Norwich, Marias reflects on the widely held opinion that having general knowledge is not important nowadays, since the data are a few clicks away. He laments the excessively pragmatic nature of current education, and the fact that the last generations are less prepared than their predecessors, know less. Today, he regrets, it is possible to cross the World without knowing anything about it, to visit places and people without knowing how they came to be, what made them what they are. I do think that, as we improve the data/human interfaces, knowledge will be more immediately available and holding it will be less critical. However, our ability to navigate the World successfully will, until we are superseded by AI, still depend on our individual knowledge and understanding of the World that surrounds us. Without this knowledge, we drift without purpose, tools of the system 


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