20. The fatuousness of wealth accumulation

As I progress through life, I become wealthier, in economic and knowledge terms. The more this happens, the more I think about what to do with this wealth. We live in an age in which wealth, at least economic, is more concentrated than ever in the hands of a few, individuals and corporations. However much I think about it, I cannot find any purpose in this accumulation. I cannot escape the realisation that any money that survives you is money wasted, a lost opportunity. As inheritance, it is nearly always too late. In our current capitalist system, money has huge power to change lives, if used appropriately. And every single cent you own, once your needs (basic or not, that is an individual choice) are covered, should be used for this purpose, made to work to the full. If you have it, use it to change outcomes. I don’t know a lot, but I know that, if you ever stop to think at the time of your death, a bulging bank account will make you feel regret for what could have been.


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