21. The politics of division

Current politics are about division. They pitch Catalans against Spaniards, British against Europeans, Americans against all comers.  This is no coincidence, it is a ploy of capital. Capital, as a concept, is united in its aims. Unity of aims and purpose, and even of method, is a competitive advantage if your enemy is divided. The unity of the people, whether it is trade unions, across borders cooperation or financial and tax regulation, weakens capital, reduces its power. Capital can jump fences, and those who try to control it cannot, so capital builds fences. This is not a new concept. Julius Caesar is credited with the maxim ‘Divide et conquere’. It was a less subtle World, where conflict was more obvious and a lot more bloodied, but strategies remain fundamentally the same. Foster division and, if there isn’t any, seed it first, then foster it. One more episode of the capital versus the people. Passion and sentiment, so easily manipulated 


Ana said…
Love it. Passion and sentiment both change the world too. How are we going to tackle with their two sides? When are we going to handle them? I have the feeling that EDUCATION is the only way but it's easily likely to be manipulated too... Sooo... Where is the solution?? I DK, but for sure critical thinking and emotional education must be in the ploy(I've learnt it right know trying to use it), and they are currently not, at least in Spain...

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