24. The key is the front door

A front door to the street. That may be the answer. I have been wondering, the last few days amid coronavirus lockdown, why the UK allows its citizens to go out to exercise, while Spain does not. The first reaction by many in Spain is that their government is just bloody minded, but my long-term observation is that politicians tend to avoid unpopular decisions if at all possible. It must be something else. Could it be, I wonder, the fact that the great majority of Britons have a front door to the outdoors, whilst most Spaniards live in apartment blocks and therefore, the front door to the street is shared by 25-50 families, as are the elevators that will take them to street level? If you consider how the virus propagates, negotiating your way from your 7th floor apartment to the street is risky business, probably much riskier, in epidemiology terms, than reaching the outdoors from your semidetached, street level house. So here is a tip, get down to street level before the next pandemic 


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