33. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment

If you had asked me, at the end of last year, what professional acronyms would have graduated into general public consciousness in 2020, PPE would not have been anywhere in my answer. Such graduation is normally a sign that a new technology has really made it and is becoming widely adopted, and therefore marks new steps in human progress. For this year, I would have probably chosen the likes of AI (Artificial Intelligence), DL (Deep Learning), IoT (Internet of Things) and VR (Virtual Reality). I’m sure I am missing something important. All these are breakthrough technologies which represent a step forward in humanity’s capabilities. But the acronym of the year is PPE. Everyone knows what it means, everyone talks about it every day. There is a technological element to making PPE that affords the right level of protection, but it is hardly a breakthrough. We could argue that coronavirus is not only knocking back the economy, but also human evolution. What will be the next acronyms?

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Melkisecebe said…
A little bump in the way...but it is good that some other things are learnt before AI... maybe not PPE but some epidemiological and economic ones
For the next years we´re need to familiarize with HID (Hyperinflationary Depression) acronym too..

SantiDominguezV said…
Marcelo's suggestion is an economic one indeed, even if a bit of a worrying one... specially if you have a mortgage. As for epidemiology ones, any suggestions? I don't want to see too much slow down of evolution due to this COVID, in fact, it is even slowing down Twitteretter, which has been marooned on coronavirus issues, and will still stay there, for at least a couple more weeks...

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