35. The ebeer dichotomy

Few things entice more conflicting feelings in me that this new coronavirus concept of the ebeer. For those of you who have been under a rock for the last 3 months, this is a coronavirus lockdown activity consisting in meeting your friends for a drink over a web meeting platform, sharing video and catching up as a group. It is critically important and a great device to keep social ties and stay in touch with your social circle, and it makes you realise how much harder this lockdown would have been before we developed these technologies (at which point there would be no lockdown, just many more deaths, but that’s for another post). So why the conflicting feelings? The ebeer is great in lockdown, but it would be terrible if abused in normality. What if, after lockdown is lifted, we all decide to stay at home on grounds of safety, and stop going to bars, restaurants and pubs? I will certainly keep the ebeer to engage more with geographically remote friends, but will we return to the bars? 

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Melkisecebe said…
We will, slowly, carefully and differently than before... but we will... as long as bars keep being profitable business...but maybe new social gathering environments that have been shadowed by bars will reappear. Social life in open spaces? Not orbiting around alcoholic drinks? Who knows!
SantiDominguezV said…
Ummmmm... not sure it is physically possible for people to reduce their alcohol ingestion so quickly from lockdown, drink on your own at home levels that they can socialise without alcohol involved... of course, both the eBeer and the bar allow for non alcoholic drinks, non alcoholic beer included.

I have my own opinion about whether we will return, but that will posted tomorrow.

As for the bars being profitable, one thing they may consider is a maximum time per drink. At the moment, a lot of their capacity is consumed by people who don't have much, but spend a long time. Remember that space time is 4 dimensional, so y0u can compensate space restrictions with time extensions to get to the same space-time, profit potentail volume

There are of course public health considerations to hurrying up drinkers, which neither Einstain not myself need to worry about, but politicians will.
Jaime said…
Santi, our beers/hour ratio definitely allow us to stay all night at the bar.... Hahahaha.
I will try to return to a normal life ( taking into consideration how much normal I am)
SantiDominguezV said…
Jaime, you are right... it may even be that they kick people out to let us in, to make sure ew don't go somewhere else... I will comment more on returning tomorrow, but I have to say that being able to do those occasional ebeers has been great!

As we are in public, i will not comment on your normality, you know my opinion ;-)
Jaime said…
In my defense, I'm the most "normal" of our group....

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