23. Rotating briefers in the time of coronavirus

Watching the UK coronavirus crisis briefings, a strange phenomenon has caught my eye. An inordinate number of different people are leading or participating in these briefings. It’s hard to build an emotional attachment to any of them, as they continuously rotate. At home we are now playing ‘guess who will brief us today’. This rotation is akin to that sports clubs do with their stars when it comes to press conferences. Sports people don’t tend to like press conferences and the only way to coerce them to do them is to spread the pain amongst the whole squad. But politicians like the limelight. Then it dawned on me! The questions by journalists are the same every day! The rotation must be, thus, protection to avoid terminal, life sapping boredom afflicting the unfortunate speaker who would have to field them day after day. This may be the best planning yet shown by UK government during the crisis, they are still working out how to protect medics, but they are at least protecting briefers 


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