38. How incompetent is MY government in the procurement of critical pandemic supplies?

Maybe there are not enough global supplies of PPE and coronavirus tests. But why is my government not securing a bigger share? Why are we losing the race with other countries? This does not depend on competence. The ability to quickly procure these goods in a global supply market is mainly a function of the commercial contacts a country’s industry had before the pandemic. It is akin to what might happen if an effective, cheap treatment was discovered and all restrictions lifted. Imagine 500 people suddenly flocking to a bar which has 100 beers, where beer price is fixed in real time, because of excessive demand, and payment is on a loyalty card. Not everyone will get a beer, and your competence is not really an advantage. Knowing the barmen and already having an account from before lockdown will be. While other people are filling registration forms and having their credit worthiness checked, you will be happily sitting in the sun outside, drinking your cold beer, looking competent

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