39. The eBeer. Here to stay?

There has been a lot of writing, during lockdown, about whether our habits may change, whether we may not go back to shops and bars. Online shopping, family walking and eBeers may replace high street shopping and bars for good. This speculation is justified but I think will be proven to be just that, speculation. Miles long queues outside the B&Qs which opened a few days ago give us an idea of what will happen with shopping. As for bars, I’ve been thinking about it. I am meeting my friends for ebeers because of lockdown. But many of my friends live in other countries, and we never did this before. Why not? Because we rather wait until we can meet at a good bar, for some beers and tapas, than have an ebeer. We rather build the anticipation of a superior experience, than tone it down by indulging in occasional inferior proxies. My rugby friends are planning 6 different food related events after lockdown, compared to our average 2 a year. Bars and restaurants are going to be just fine

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