41. Another possible positive impact of lockdown on (some) families

Yesterday’s post generated a few reactions outside Twitteretter. One, from my mother, made an interesting point. It is to do with education within the family during lockdown. I am not referring to parents educating children while schools are closed, which is another interesting subject. Rather, to the lockdown providing an opportunity, for those who used to leave the house to go to work every day and are now homeworking, to understand better what it takes to make a household run smoothly, the challenges, complexities and monotonies of good housekeeping. This was my mum’s viewpoint, even though she also worked all her life outside the house. But the reverse is also true. Husbands, wives, sons and daughters will have had, over a number of weeks, a partial glimpse of the day to day reality of the work of their wives, husbands and parents. These mutual revelations have the potential to improve understanding in households, to shine a light on the challenges of others, fostering empathy

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Melkisecebe said…
I completely agree with this and It is another reason to think, however unfortunate is this situation we are in, how you can always find good opportunities in the situations life brings to you. It also makes me wonder, shouldn’t we always be more curious about our beloved one’s daily lifes? (At least our beloved ones)...Wouldn’t it be healthy to exchange roles sometimes, even just as an exercise, to foster our understanding of the life and struggles of those who live with us?
Sandra K. said…
Indeed, this is a perfect opportunity to develop or strengthen empathy in the households. Sharing daily chores can also serve as a bonding exercise between the family members and just another way of spending time together (maybe even have a laugh or two doing mundane things).
SantiDominguezV said…
I agree with both of you. I am not sure how ready to laugh some people might be when trying to juggle working from home and taking care of the children and the house, specially if the space is small... but humour is most likely the best defence for this challenge. As to exchanging roles in future going forward, as a kind of exercise, voluntarily, I think it is a great idea to improve understanding but, of course, may pose some challenges from a skill gap perspective (fumbled business deals and burnt frying pans?)

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