46. Coronavirus mutations

Something pretty weird is happening at my local M&S during lockdown. It’s slowly mutating into Ikea. Let me explain. Before lockdown, you were able to access the Food Hall by entering the general shop and turning left. About 20 steps from street to Food Hall. As lockdown continues, the shop is being reorganised and M&S are creating a path, under the excuse of accommodating queues, which lengthens every few days, and which is designed to have you walk past more and more of their clothing displays. Initially, 2 bends and maybe 15 displays. Now, 6 bends and many displays, in a set up á la Heathrow immigration queue, clothing displays deputising for separation bands. I expected to see many things during my life. Maybe the Artificial Intelligence singularity. Maybe Mars colonisation. But this specific mutation I really did not expect. I would have never thought that M&S and Ikea could evolve to converge into a similar shopping experience, from the very distant points from whence they started

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Niccy said…
I hope that the mutation ceases. If that evolution continues, it looks like the M&S clothes will become self assembly items, with dubious instructions and a few missing but vital components.
SantiDominguezV said…
Hahaha, my observation is that it would be the opposite, a few additional componnents included in the packaging to generate insecurity in the assembler... Is my bra missing a clip, or my trousers a critical button i forgot to put somewhere? It would play up to the British fascinating love for DIY, though, which Boris Johnson just extended to PPE, in a show of, as he would put it, derring-do

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