47. The new normality

Several countries have published the stages to exit coronavirus lockdown. Typically, 4 stages, very similar in most places. Spain has, for example, numbered them 0 to 3, the first one being preparation, and then a gradual relaxing of lockdown measures as we progress from 1 to 3, in hopefully 2 week intervals, all being as expected. At the end of 3, we enter what is called the New Normality. Well, let me tell you something. That is not the new normality, it is Stage 4, and it has indeterminate length as we will need a vaccine, a treatment, or at least herd immunity to exit it. But it is not normality and we should not accept it as such. There is only one normality, which was already not normal enough, and citizens should expect and demand to go back to it as soon as feasible. We should not accept a reduction in our freedoms, personal rights or duties as a result of this pandemic. Temporary sacrifices to protect public health are of course a civil duty, but they must be temporary

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