49. Coronavirus borders. Where is the data?

Still on the strictly national preoccupation with coronavirus, there is another glaringly conspicuous fact which reflects how we think about it. I’ve spent a good hour today surveying UK media in search for information about the situation in a range of third countries. This is futile in most cases. There is no information. We are up to date on the numbers and situation in neighbouring countries, China and US, which must be drawn, in our consciousness, in our same group in the coronavirus Nations League. But what about others? Mexico? Indonesia? India? Very populous countries with much weaker defences than ours. Not to mention Uruguay, Sri Lanka or Lithuania, for example. Of course, I can find the information by going to their respective national media, but this requires significant effort and wherewithal. The passive news consumer is, and will remain, blissfully unaware of the situation, handling and challenges in those countries. Only the virus really understands this crisis is global

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