52. New lockdown sports. Supermarket rugby

Rugby is one of my passions, and I miss it at the moment. I take both an escapist and analytical interest in it, as the coach of a fairly successful school team and a keen veteran player. So, at times, I feel a bit of void. No rugby to watch, analyse or play. This is alleviated by my visits to the supermarket, which are peppered with examples of exquisite rugby technique. Old ladies showing deft sidesteps (off either foot!) when you intercept their line of travel or come within tackling distance. They would make any first class backline proud. Determined shoppers who hold their line and plough through, scattering others all over the shop (sic), fiery aggression in their eyes. Any forward pack with designs on domination would not hesitate to throw them onto the field. And the playmakers, the most interesting of all, as is the case on the real pitch, surveying the whole shop for space, before choosing their line. When will it be on TV, so that I can watch from the comfort of my own home?

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