54. The coronavirus pandemic. We knew this was coming and did nothing

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a significant percentage of the World population to the realisation that this shock was actually not unexpected and that we had been warned by experts. This generates fury and frustration in the population at large, we demand of our politicians that things change in the future. In fact, coronavirus is not a big killer, but a democratic and noisy one. The vilified by some WHO is predicting there will be 330 million diabetics in the World in 2030, and that 8.5 million people will die each year with diabetes as the main cause of death. That is 10 times the worst predictions for coronavirus, repeated every year. It is a slow motion pandemic we have known of and have been warned about for a long time, and which we are doing nothing about. Let us make our political and lifestyle decisions from now on in a way that does not see us react with shock, surprise and fury when the long announced diabetes pandemic starts to make it into the daily news

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