56. The end of epidemics. How to stop viruses and save humanity now

This post will be no surprise to many, but it does speak of our collective mentality. Whilst making a book purchase on Amazon a few days ago, I came across a book titled ‘The end of epidemics. How to stop viruses and save humanity now’, by Jonathan D Quick. The book is temporarily out of stock. You can just imagine it, languishing on shop shelves and Amazon warehouses, most of the public oblivious or uncaring to the threat of an epidemic, last February. And suddenly, in a clear case of serendipity, a global pandemic explodes and this book, which has the perfect title for it, is thrown straight into the toilet paper and flour category of things you cannot be without. Disappointingly to many buyers, it probably will offer no quick (pardon the pan) fix to our current or future problems, but rather a whole range of well planned measures requiring investments and concerted global policy changes which will have little chance of being implemented once the next precarious recovery ensues

Length: 995 characters 


Melkisecebe said…
Well, maybe we can be better prepared for the next one, that will come for sure... and let’s hope it finds us better prepared and in a better collective collaborative mood.

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