57. Exiting the lockdown. Class does matter

I’ve now spent several days trying to understand the UK's so called guidance for lockdown exit. It is not easy. One of the main conclusions I can draw, which I referred to in a previous post, is that we are exiting to the benefit of the upper social classes, as it could be in no other way in the UK. The most glaring example, in addition to the expectation that workers will return to work when their employers may not have had time to implement good protection measures, is cleaners and nannies being encouraged to go back to work. You cannot visit your girlfriend/boyfriend and go into their house, but your nanny can on a daily basis, as can your cleaner. I can only imagine the cabinet’s sympathy for the predicament of those deprived of these services. Their return may pose significant infection risks, as clearly nannies will not be able to keep social distance, but it’s a price worth paying to spare the wealthy from having to continue to look after their children or clean their bathrooms

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Melkisecebe said…
Hehe definetly, we could think that nannies will allow others to go to work, ok.. but cleaners? Of course class matters, they also are probAbly more desperate to get back to work and salary. How would it be different?

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