60. Scylla and Charybdis, and the games of deceit of today’s politics

I’ve already posted on coronavirus dominating the news above all else and the public boredom and informative exhaustion this generates. This also has another side effect. Governments can pass controversial legislation which, in this context, goes through unnoticed. This is the wet dream of the dishonest politician. In the UK, Johnson’s cabinet is taking full advantage, announcing in the last few days a relaxation of food standards and, mark this, an ultimately failed attempt to charge additional tax to foreign health workers for accessing NHS services. The latter beggars belief. I wonder how they thought they would get away with something so crassly unjust. The fact they even tried tells us all we need to know about this cabinet. As a more general, global point, citizens and oppositions must remain vigilant despite coronavirus distractions. Maybe more than ever. These are politically tricky times which must be navigated with the same care Odysseus’ mariners took on the Messina Straits

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