61. 2 speed lockdown easing. It just get worse

For someone who casts a critical eye on social injustice, the UK lockdown easing is the gift that keeps on giving. Concerned with policies which prioritise the interest of the wealthy above that of others, I have already posted on unsafe return to work and on cleaners and nannies entering households when friends and lovers cannot. Today I turn to schools. Cabinet ministers state that going back to school is completely safe, this is by definition false. Nothing in life is and, even if referring exclusively to the context of coronavirus, the more social contact, the greater chance of infection. At the same time, Eton school announces lessons will resume in September due to health concerns. A number of the cabinet are Old Etonians and it seems they deem the safety of their own as more important and worth preserving than that of others. Not surprising, I know. The double standard is obvious at the ‘we do not care’ level. It has been for a while, with the connivance of the working classes

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Niccy said…
State mandated child care for 4 to 18 year olds must be restarted as soon as possible 'in case their education suffers'... a nice justification for getting more of the man's and pa's freedom and available to get back out working again. It's a double edged sword.
SantiDominguezV said…
Well, to the state we are producers and consumers, first and foremost, since the single most important success measure at the moment is GDP, and without production and consumption there is no GDP. So they need to get everyone back working so long as they are not risking a total stop. So, the services delivered by a nanny or a cook are more important to society, from that viewpoint, than family relationships... We may be thinking in too economic terms

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