62. Tales of a coronavirus survivor

I had coronavirus a few weeks ago. A fairly severe case, when you consider the whole range of gravity for the illness, although not enough to hospitalise me. Since then, many people ask me what it was like, with a tremor in their voice. This is peculiar. They are, I think, looking for reassurance. Hoping you will say it was not too bad, so that they can tell themselves that this thing is not so fearsome, and they can somewhat assuage their fear. This makes no sense. We know each individual will experience the illness differently, from asymptomatic to ICU. Therefore, what my experience was like makes no difference and holds no clues to anyone else. But in extreme situations, this rational thinking seems to be even rarer than it already normally is, giving way to all sorts of superstition and resorting to empty comforts. Ok, ok, I will stop bumbling on and I will tell you. It was long, tiresome but bearable, and after 7 or 8 days things started to steadily improve. I hope that helps 

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