65. Supporting science in normal times

Remember normality? That time before the pandemic, when we used to be able to hang out in bars, visit our relatives and friends at will, go out as we pleased? Great times. They were also the times when, as a society, we ignored the funding needs of science. The media is full of stories of research groups who abandoned successful research lines in coronavirus vaccines and treatments due to lack of funding and no interest from pharmaceutical companies and institutions. The former is logical, commercial companies don’t invest in treatments for illnesses which are no longer a problem. But as a society, and through our institutions, the focus should be different. However, national cuts in research budgets are only vehemently opposed by scientists. The rest of citizens haven’t cared. We should remember this in future, as the groups working on antibiotic resistance, climate change reversal and diabetes control meet the same challenges as those working on coronavirus vaccines did in the past

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Sandra K. said…
Agreed. It is key to focus on, work on and fund what really matters way before a crisis hits as it is too late otherwise. The lack of scientific research owing to funding cuts may be catastrophic. Maybe not today, but probably at some point unless we, as a society, start thinking long term.

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