53. The importance of entrepreneurs in the fight with coronavirus

I have written about a certain class of coronavirus entrepreneur in post 43. However, there is a second kind. These are the entrepreneurs who also seize on an opportunity, but who will develop new technologies which will improve our position as a society against challenges such as the coronavirus. These are the entrepreneurs who will develop new vaccines, new tests, new treatments, new digital means to monitor pandemics. They take a much bigger risk than the previous kind. Their investment is much larger, headily large in many cases, and the chances of success much lower. Many will fail and lose their shirts. A few may hopefully succeed. If they do, they will make huge amounts of money, lead successful companies and, from my observation of the general public, be resented by many. There will be complaints about the prices they charge for their development which will ignore the investment and the risk they took. I am on their side, cheering every effort, hoping they become filthy rich

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