68. The Belarussian experiment

Most countries in the World have been fairly orthodox in their handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Not surprising, as one expects epidemiology experts to issue similar guidance independently of nationality, and sensible governments to follow it. The downside of such cohesive response is that we have to rely on experts to tell us what might have happened should we not have responded. And we all know how much credence many in our populations give expert opinion these days. However, one government has stepped up to the breach, risking the wellbeing of its people to provide such valuable experimental benchmark. Belarus. Whilst the rest of the World locks itself down at home, the Belarusians congregate in the streets, in the height of the pandemic, to watch thousands of soldiers marching through their cities. This is irresponsible and highly dangerous for their people. It will, however, provide a benchmark for the rest of the World of what the pandemic might behave like without lockdown 

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