70. Calling me a coronavirus survivor is most likely overegging

I am struck, in the coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, by one unusual description. Those who have had the illness and recovered are called coronavirus survivors. This in my mind is an overdramatization, and I think I can say this as I did have coronavirus. Survivor is a word typically used when people overcome an event, illness or otherwise, which has a high likelihood of killing them. Those who made it through Nazi concentration camps and came out alive are survivors, those who made it through the II WW at home are not. I have, as most of us have, had over the years several flus, one case of mums, one pneumonia as well as a few other illnesses I cannot even remember, and I am not normally referred to as a survivor of any of them. Coronavirus is not different. Healthcare professionals are heroes, recovered patients are survivors and I guess hospitals are battlegrounds. This rhetoric may raise morale and align efforts, but it also shows the great majority of us have not been in a war

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