73. When our generation discovered uncertainty

Most humans hate uncertainty. It unsettles us. We live our day to day with an illusion of certainty. This has been destroyed by coronavirus. We know very little about this illness yet, and this is a feeling we are not used to. This does not apply to scientists and entrepreneurs, who thrive, survive and toil in an uncertain World. But for others, this is upsetting. How can we not know yet whether we will develop immunity if we are infected, or when a vaccine may be available? Why can politicians not tell us when lockdown will end? We lash out in fury at government. In fact, your life is uncertain. As an individual, a thousand things you do not think of could destroy your life today. An accident. An attack by a crazed armed terrorist. A heart attack or a serious case of the flu. This is just very unlikely to happen, but it will happen to many people today. We choose to ignore this and keep an illusion of certainty. With coronavirus, for the first time, we cannot get away with this

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Ana said…
Yes we can!😏 But maybe it's more difficult than ever or maybe it's the opportunity to learn to live in the present, which really don't like doing neither know how to do it. Stop planning and thinking so much about a future that is never granted, or do it only when necessary.
SantiDominguezV said…
I think you are right, Ana. Planning is important, to a point, but you should plan in the knowledge that plans are a direction, not a guarantee, and that the chances are circumstances will change in completely unexpected ways. Plan for the unexpected within reason, and enjoy the present, for sure, this is where >95% of your mental bandwith should be used

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