74. Solidarity, where are thou?

Remember the word? Not a Polish trade union operating in the 80s, but a value that has been at the core of communities for centuries. I rarely see it printed, or hear it, these days. The coronavirus pandemic and its economic consequences will really test our appetite for it as a society. Many will suffer financially, both at personal and national level. The richer will manage contention measures better and recover quicker, the poorer will suffer most. We will be called upon to help others who are worse off than we are, at a time when we feel we are struggling. Our response will define the society we’ll exit into. It is a deceiving crossroads, where short term considerations could take us down the wrong fork. To the left (intentional) a more equal, more united World, better ready for the next crisis. To the right, an archipelago of wealthy islands in the midst of an ocean of destitution. Islands can be beautiful, but they are unsustainable when, in the long term, a tsunami is guaranteed

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