75. The positive effects of lockdown keep on coming

I’ve already written about positive effects of lockdown in several previous posts. This doesn’t mean I regard it as positive, but all cloud has a silver lining, as the saying goes. In the last few days, I have noticed yet another one. As a result of lockdown, presential meetings are not possible in many institutions which conduct their business that way. One of these is the EU. The consequence, in this case, is that, as presential meetings are not possible, decision makers negotiate and discuss on a daily basis, whilst in normal times they would have waited for their next big scheduled summit, in which they then would frequently run out of time to reach agreement, as starting positions would be too disparate. Not so nowadays. Online meetings progress faster, without procrastination for the preferred face to face. The result? A huge, ambitious and strategic Recovery Fund, of unprecedented proportions, delivered and agreed in record time. Some processes gain productivity through lockdown

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