77. Coronavirus is contagious, but what about solidarity?

In post 63, I saluted the EU Commission’s recovery plan, which at first sight addresses many of the problems which arose after the 2008 recession and brings solidarity back to the heart of the EU project. This plan still has treacherous waters to navigate, but its proposal by the Commission is already a great step. Many would benefit from its solidarity, if finally approved. What remains to be seen is whether those beneficiaries will, in turn, understand the value of solidarity and show it to those others that need it. Anyone keeping a cursory eye on the news will be aware of challenges posed in Southern Europe by illegal immigration and by inequality. The moral imperative in those countries receiving support from this recovery fund would be to, in turn, offer support and change attitudes towards those less fortunate. I am not holding my breath as that may be unsafe, but we may be surprised and see these winds of change sweep across Europe. Solidarity and kindness can be strong forces

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