80. The Good Ancestor

This is a very interesting concept presented by Roman Krznaric at Hay Festival a few days ago. The idea is simple. When making decisions, we need to not only think about our interest in the immediate future, but also about the interest of those who will follow us, our descendants. Many of the decisions we make today will impact them heavily, more heavily than they will do us (think climate change, or biodiversity destruction, for example). But they have no representation in the decision process, they aren’t here to defend their interest, to have a voice. There are a number of initiatives that can be undertaken to ensure their interest is respected, such as having Ministers, or representatives, of future generations included into our political process. We will, after all, when we are gone, be judged by what we left behind and, as a generation, our record is beyond disappointing. This is something we can still fix, if we tackle decision making with the Good Ancestor principle in mind 

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