82. Shared tribal myths

Social events have the potential to leave the observer dumbfounded and shocked. Brexit had that effect for me, as did the election of Donald Trump, a professional liar, in the US. Today, it is the inhabitants of the Barrio de Salamanca, the poshest and most rancid area of Madrid, demonstrating against the lockdown or, more accurately, the socialist government. How can these people have views so diametrically different to mine? The reason is history revisionism. We all believe we know history, that history is factual, imperturbable and singular. This is not the case. Our histories are very different. These groups are brought together by shared tribal myths, legends which are so different to those I have believed that we could never share a World view. Their myths and legends (for this is what revised history is) tell a completely different story to mine. Grievance where I see justice. Victory where I see defeat. Other nations and tribes are brought together by lies different to our own

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NB. This was written a few weeks ago, in mid May, so it is not completely current, but still worth publishing, as what it tells us is both current and important


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