83. The art of not being average

 I went for a bike ride today, taking advantage of the modicum of freedom afforded to UK residents by the once a day exercise allowance during current lockdown. On the way back home, I overtook a runner who was wearing a t-shirt with a big lettered slogan on the back. It read: ‘Fuck average’. First of all, let me say, the language is inappropriate, unnecessary and disrespectful of the interest of minors who may be old enough to read but not yet old enough to use such language, and who share the street with this t-shirt wearer. But what is even more striking is the irony. Is there anything more average these days than wearing this kind of t-shirt? It may have worked in the 60s, but today, it pretty much defines you as average. If you don’t want to be average, read the classics, write poetry, fight (I mean really fight) climate change, help the poor, be politically active, think before retweeting or watch some Stanley Kubrick or Coppola movies. Whatever you do, don’t climb Everest, though

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