86. The Marmite phenomenon

I have written a couple of times already on Twitteretter about the strange phenomenon which drove many in the UK, at the start of lockdown, to accumulate unreasonable supplies of toilet paper, pasta or flour. This behaviour is, first of all, selfish. But it is also downright weird, revealing strange fears. However, we should not be surprised by this reaction by the Brits. We are, after all, talking about a nation whose people have, for many years, packed items such as Marmite and teabags when travelling on holiday to even nearby destinations. It seems that irrational lack of supply fear is a national trait. The unsettling panic of having to spend a day of the holidays trying local breakfast fair (such as, for example, delicious freshly ground coffee and exquisite Iberico ham on a bed of fresh bread toast with fresh tomato spread) must no doubt be related to the panic of having to use water to wash your rear end. The British spirit is assuaged by the most unlikely comforts

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Unknown said…
Hahahaha, true!! Unfortunately noT only british ! Our health would be better off if we all changed from toilet paper to gentle water, learning from the eastern societies, and many different breakfast could be tried, for sure!

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