87. The days when businesses were about making a good living, not about making a fortune

There is a shop in Hereford, UK, called Fodder. It markets itself, if at all, as a sustainable, eco-friendly food shop. Refillable cleaning products, locally sourced organic veg, fruit and eggs, an amazing range of grains and pulses in refillable bags, locally made bread as well as a great choice of high quality comfort foods. You get the idea. It’s tiny but incredibly well stocked. I can do my whole shopping in it but for fish and meat. They even had toilet paper every day of the lockdown. Because they don’t much advertise themselves and most people don’t know they are there. They have a great concept and no apparent interest to grow it or franchise it to achieve massive wealth. They remind me of my childhood, when shops and restaurants were individual, family run, had their character and were not about becoming rich, but about making a decent living as part of a community. Do I miss that because age begets melancholy, or because it is so much better than the Tescos and B&Qs of today?

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