90. Predicting the future

Trying to predict the future is a mug’s game. Not my original thought, though I agree. I am quoting the late, great – not only in terms of physical size – Douglas Adams. Just read ‘The Experts Speak’ by Christopher Cerf and Victor Navasky for ample proof. But in ‘The Future of Humanity’, Michio Kaku conjures up a beautiful, exciting and, in many cases, credible picture of where humanity’s technological progress may take us. Kaku’s device is to not issue predictions, but to explain what it would take, from a technological and scientific development perspective, to achieve feats that still sound completely farfetched to most of the public. And just to occasionally venture a very rough estimation of when each of these may be achieved. The result is erudite, informative, at times exhilarating and continuously inspiring. It is awe inspiring (sic) to watch someone make some of the most intellectually challenging disciplines we as a species grapple with so accessible, understandable and fun

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