92. Truth is tricky

Politicians lie to us. I think I am not shocking or offending anyone by making this statement. Not all the time, but when it suits them. At some point a few years ago, I had this plan of performing an experiment by running for political office and saying the truth, plain, simple and unadorned, every single time. This would of course be my truth, with all its misconceptions and biases, which is already a problem, but I will write about that another time, humour me. I was in no doubt that initially, this would be disastrous, and my popularity would sink to depths not seen since the worst days of Michael Foot. But maybe, when the electorate realised what I was doing, it would eventually soar. Surely, an honest politician would be hugely electable? But I may be wrong. I have observed that many people, most, lie to themselves frequently too. We like some truths, but not others. Honesty could be catastrophic. As an electorate, we may be getting, with our politicians, exactly what we want

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Niccy said…
I have often wondered about doing just that, and what would be the consequences. Like you, I eventually come to the conclusion that the truth is simply too unpalatable for the vast majority and they prefer the obvious lies and diversions.

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