93. Homelessness, a needless tragedy

The UK has 320,000 homeless people, according to latest Shelter numbers. I had to double take when I saw that statistic. This is 1 in 200. Yet another European statistic the UK leads handsomely, although of course, in this particular case that adverb could not be more misleading. It is a huge social problem, and one that only exists because the fifth richest country in the World has no will to solve it. Many of the World’s billionaires live in London, untaxed. Many corporate financial behemoths are based in London, paying little tax, if any. A small percentage of this wealth, directed to homelessness, would eradicate it, without downsides to the UK population and bringing huge improvements not only to the lives of the 320,000, but to all of us who share (or not, as the case may be) our society with them. Interestingly, I don’t think I’ve seen that number quoted anywhere in the media. Yet another silent social problem in UK, another area in which it is diverging from the rest of Europe

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