95. Smart working, no longer a choice?

I attended a talk on smart working in the last few days. Smart working is the concept of working from anywhere, at any time, based on the fact that you have some objectives to achieve and what your employer cares about is that they are indeed achieved. You have no timetable, no fixed place of work, although you do have an office you can go to, to meet any other team members who happen to be there, when you feel like it. The system is based on a mixture of good documentation of objectives and attainment and on trust. The latter is the key and the challenge. Many traditional employers may struggle with this, concerned as they are with counting bums on seats and seeing employees appearing to work, to assuage their doubts. Alas, once companies start smart working, other employers will have no choice but to follow suit. They will otherwise be incapable to attract talent, imposing unnecessary commuting and irrelevant geographical and time restrictions on employees when others don’t

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Sandra K. said…
I’m so ready for this change. I think most of us are...even though most habits are deeply engrained in us, some just die off naturally.

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