100. The complexity of making sound environmental decisions

Espresso and printed press, my ideal weekend morning. A long established family tradition, passed down through generations. Now I must decide whether it is sustainable on environmental grounds. Papermaking has significant environmental impact, not only tree cutting, but intensive use of water and electricity, associated worker commuting and similar issues with ink making and the production of printing presses. On the counterbalance, we have the impact on lost jobs of going digital, with printers and other factory workers potentially joining the doll queues. And will trees still be planted if not used for paper, as most papermakers do plant trees to sustain production these days, evolving from purely extractive business models. All in all, this is a complex decision, which I struggle to make with the easily accessible information. There is a need, I think, for services which lay facts and consequences clearly and easily for the public, so that we can make choices that reflect our aims

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