110. How far are we from our biological ancestors

As school children we soon learn that man descends directly from monkeys. I am reminded of this in the last few days when observing attitudes to face mask wearing exhibited by my fellow humans. I could write many Twitteretters, or even a short book, on this. But maybe the behaviour that most catches my eye is seeing families, walking together, on the beach or in town, with one member wearing a mask and the others not. This is, in practical terms, completely nonsensical, and shows that, as monkeys would, they wear the mask without any understanding of what they are doing. It is obvious that if coronavirus was to infect any of the non mask wearing family members, it would also, at home, infect the mask wearer. And the reverse is true, if the wearer were infected, the non wearers would be infected too and passing it to others. This split, let’s do both, approach to mask wearing shows a complete lack of understanding of the policy’s rationale, in addition to peculiar disunity in the family

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