119. Have we given up as citizens?

It is not unusual for me to be involved in conversations with well meaning, caring people who tell me that we can’t change society, that the establishment has it all well tied up, that growing inequality, climate change or proxy wars are inevitable. Disappointment and frustration leading to political disengagement is the weapon of reactionary powers. As citizens, we have better tools than ever to engage, organise, communicate and fight for what we care about. But we must believe, and we must use them. If there is one thing the coronavirus taught us is how rapidly a virus, or an idea, can spread in our society. All it needs is an R over 1. We can, today, achieve anything socially or politically so long as we care and as we ensure that we are sufficiently contagious, that we engage others and pass on this idea to more than one person each. When you break it down like this, it does not seem hard. The result is not immediate, difficult for many today, but it could be ultimately inevitable

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