120. Even Donald Trump is sometimes right

Those who know me will know that I not often say Donald Trump is right. I am in profound disagreement with his extreme libertarian and individualistic agenda, his aim to minimise, to the point of destruction, the state, and above all, his complete disregard for the truth and his philosophy that business and politics are a zero sum game in which, to have a winner, you must have a loser. Trump is however right on one count. Europeans give China and Russia too much leeway, which they do not afford to the US. We are highly critical of any undemocratic or dishonest US practice, but less so of similar practices in China or Russia. We expect more of the country that has been a bastion of democracy for the last century. We are particularly disappointed to see it turn its back on the values that have taken it to the centre of global politics. But Trump is right. We should be equally as demanding of China or Russia as we are of the US. We have condescended to their practices for far too long

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