98. Choosing the best sources

One of the biggest changes that we as humans had to deal with in the last couple of decades is selecting information in the face of a huge increase of availability of sources through the appearance of digital and social media. Knowledge is as important as ever, if not more, as we now also have a public voice through social networks, and as what we publish and re-share, matters. This is a challenge, but the opportunities are wondrous. For me, an illustrative example of this is Hay Player. This tool gives us access to all the talks presented at the wonderfully inspiring literary festival held in Wales annually. Our top thinkers, writers, scientists, philosophers, economists and politicians discuss the subjects they regard as critical, openly and in a climate of tolerance. Every one of these talks and discussions is available to you and me through Hay Player. Check it out, you will be amazed by how much you learn, and how much you enjoy doing so. May easily be your best decision of the day

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