99. Are the new Charles Chaplin or Buster Keaton on TikTok?

New social media platforms keep on coming. Not surprisingly, whenever a new industry explodes a goldrush ensues which only stops well after newcomers have nothing to contribute. Inertia is not only an inescapable force in physics, but also in society. I have just been exposed to Tik Tok, the Chinese video sharing platform which relies for its content on users recording making fools of themselves and sharing this with the World. The egocentrism, self-absorption and obsession with meaningless limelight that it exposes in our young does not bode too well for the future, but let us see how it evolves before we judge it too harshly. The silly, slapstick humour is at first sight reminiscent of Chaplin or Keaton, the hapless falls and overchoreographed stunts. But then you remember, it was not the kicks on the butts of unfortunate policemen that made Chaplin great, but the social, political and human meaning of his content, as far removed from the empty Tik Tok content as one can imagine

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Melkisecebe said…
For sure there were many, many, many stupid jokes, reflections and sentences said in the early 20th century. The only difference is that they were not recorded and nobody cared about them. All the crappy contents of the internet will fade away in the inmensity of data and just some stuff will survive... as always has been... nothing is new under the sun

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