150. The need for more assertive wise people

There is a Bertrand Russell quote which is as apt for our World today as for the time it was coined. ‘The whole problem with the World is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts’. This is right on the money. It is wise to understand your World view isn’t unique, the facts your opinions have been built on may be subject to challenge and your reasoning may be affected by unconscious biases. Fools and fanatics (the latter are just a subset of the former) are unencumbered by those reservations. In an age when ideas gain exposure without curation, unmediated, this poses a particular risk, as those repeated most quickly and unchallenged have a huge advantage in gaining traction and popularity, entering the public arena whilst the wise reconsider whether it is appropriate to spread others. The wise must get more vocal, risking the occasional mistake. It may be contra natura, but we are fighting a battle of ideas we cannot afford to lose 

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Bea said…
Aunque antiguamente se pensaba que el fanático es el que no piensa, hoy en dìa se piensa que el fanatismo esta relacionado con el procesamiento de la informaciòn en nuestro cerebro.

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